Damage rehabilitation in Chalkoutsi and Sykaminon bridges and Asopos torrent embankments gabion reinforcement

Location: Region of Attiki, Oropos, Greece

Client: Prefecture of East Attiki

Years: 2001 – 2004

Project Description:

The proposed works refer to the damage rehabilitation in Chalkoutsi and Sykaminon bridges for class 60 sufficiency and the erosion protection of the river bed and embankments upstream and downstream of the bridges.
Services provided:

  • Challkoutsi bridge is double span continuous bearing on abutments and at the first stage laboratory investigations were done in order to verify the nature and quality of materials.
  • Sykaminon bridge has one span and damage rehabilitation was studied and proposed in spans and abutments, together with river bed and embankment protection with gabions.
  • Proposed works have been studied in Preliminary, Outline and Detailed design stages.