Evaluation and improvements to the Drainage network of the Municipality of Psychico

Location: Region of Attiki, Athens, Greece

Client: Municipality of Psychico

Years: 2009

Project Description:

The Project refers to the detailed construction design of the Municipality of Psychico drainage network, in Attiki, Athens, Greece.
The proposed works included:

  • Surveying of existing drainage networks totalling over 20km.
  • Hydrological analysis and forecasting of expected rainfall events.
  • Hydraulic modelling of the entire system to establish network weakness and black spots.
  • Proposed interventions to existing drainage network to alleviate flood problems.
  • Proposed new drainage piping Φ600, Φ800, Φ1000, Φ1200 totalling over 5km.
  • Services provided:
  • Evaluation of existing drainage and flood relief network.
  • Detailed design of drainage networks.
  • Preparation of construction Tender documents
  • Preparation of application form for EU co-financing in the 2007-2013 Programming Period
  • Elaboration of a detailed GIS application including the existing and proposed network to serve as a maintenance and development management tool for the technical services of the Municipality.